Greetings to you! I hope that this holiday season has been filled with joy for you and your family. I am writing to you because there are some really cool things I wanted to make sure you were aware of during this season – ways you can participate in the life of the church.

  • The first thing I wanted to let you know was that we would all love you to make plans to be with us twice on Sunday, the 16th. During worship our children will be performing their Christmas music as a part of our music for the day. They have been working hard, so I hope you can be there! Then at 3 o’clock, we will be hosting our first annual Christmas Community Celebration.
  • The choir will be performing their Cantata, The Mercy Manger, we will have a Christmas Carol sing-a-long, and our children will be singing as well. The entire community has been invited, and we have an opportunity to welcome Daytona Beach in a special way. Especially exciting is that he choir for this year’s cantata is not just people from our church, but people from 6 or 7 different churches. So please make plans to be there, and invite a friend or 3!
  • Also, I want to remind everyone that we will have a fun and interesting Christmas Eve service this year! We just got finished planning it, and there are lots of interesting aspects that are a little bit different this year, so put Christmas Eve on your calendar as well, and bring a friend! As always, we will start at 6. We will have special music, a monologue, and we will have a candlelight singing of Silent Night. So make plans to be there, and have a great kick off to your Christmas!
  • Finally, I want to remind you that we are still in the middle of our Christmas offering, and we have a lot of catching up to do! This year’s goal is $20,000, and we are trying to raise money over and above that to go to our ministry to seniors. This offering is important for the church, as it helps us to catch up on where we have come up short in our giving through the year, it helps us to get a head start on the year that is coming, and most importantly, 10% goes to support the CBF global mission offering, which supports missionaries around the world who are seeking to show the love of God to people in cultures very different from ours. I hope you will decide to contribute to this important offering goal.
  • To that end, Laurie has a friend, Mark Ignoffo, who is a musician. He has made a Christmas instrumental CD that is full of good Christmas music, and he has donated the CD’s to our church to sell, part of a project where he wants to give to a local ministry. His only cost is $1 per CD. We will be selling them for $5/each So for every CD you buy, $4 will go to the church! That money will go toward the Christmas offering fund. Gwen has them available, if you would like to purchase one. I hope you will!

I hope you have a great end of the week, and hope to see you on Sunday!