Online Giving


About Online Giving

Many of you are faithful in writing checks and making bank transfers to Central, and you will certainly be able to continue giving this way. But after much research and testing, we have decided to use Vanco, which is an established company with lots of experience in working with churches. You give online by clicking on the “Give Now” button, or by scanning the funny-looking square image on the church bulletin (your phone will need an app for scanning QR-codes). When you go there, you can set up a profile, and make decisions like whether you want to give one time or on a recurring basis. You can also decide if you want to give to the general fund, or to several pre-selected designations; even memorial gifts can be made. You will also be able to track your donations.

For many, the act of giving during our church offering is important, so if you choose to give online, you may wish to write on an envelope that you have given online, and place the envelope into the offering tray. There are some compelling reasons for online giving:

  1. It helps you to set your budget as God’s gift will go directly to the church on the designated date, and then you can work around your gift to the church when considering other financing issues.
  2. It is a testimony to your faithfulness, when you might forget to bring an envelope, or when out of town, might forget to send your tithe in.
  3. It assures regular giving to the church as a financial base the treasurers can depend on.
  4. This offers another method of giving, especially to people who do not carry checks or cash, but wish to give.

Each transaction costs the church about 35 cents, so as you give, consider consolidating smaller gifts into larger gifts, rather than several small gifts, but as you give, please do so responsibly and faithfully.

Blessings, Sonny