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50s and 60s Nite

‘50’s & ‘60’s Music Party in Adams Hall. This is a special event you won’t want to miss, an opportunity to invite new and old friends for an evening dancing, hearing those golden tunes and remembering great times. You need to research all the new things of that era. Plan to dress how you would […]

July 5 Sonny’s Sayings

When I look around my office, I see all sorts of things that are “hand-crafted”: I see lots of books; I see a painting given me by Jeanne Ballve’. I see a sketch of my previous church and its altar by a good friend of mine, Orrin Morris. I see a beautiful ornate wood carving […]

June 28 Sonny’s Sayings

A major theme in my devotional life and thought over the years has been to ponder the relationship between Jesus and His disciples. So often, when we read the gospels, we are left with a sour taste in our mouth toward the disciples, much of it deserved. They don’t get it when Jesus calms the […]

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