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by Andy Rawls

Thanks to all who made the Trunk or Treat successful on Wednesday evening.

Church Consultant Report from Charity Roberson

by Andy Rawls

Attached is the report from Charity Roberson. In it, she details the things that she heard from our listening groups, and makes some staff recommendations are concerned. I hope that you will take a look at this, think about it, and pray about it. We want the church to be engaged in this process. As […]

Shine Theme “Walking With Jesus”

by Andy Rawls

The theme for Shine, the children’s activity is “Walking With Jesus.” The children in the picture are carrying a staff or walking stick. It is a reminder that we can lean on Jesus everyday in every situation. He is always there for support whether we are six or sixty. Walking with Jesus also reminds us […]

Communication Information from Sonny 8-12-19

by Andy Rawls

Dear Central Family, In this post there are 3 attachments. The first is the proposal that comes from the deacons. It has background, as well as the proposal and some pros and cons included. The second is the spreadsheet that Mrs. Roberson sent regarding her estimated fees for the consultation. Please note that this does […]