Thanksgiving week is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our blessings and how God gives us grace in spite of our human tendency toward ingratitude, fear and mistrust. As we gather for worship today, and as we gather for special dinners and reunions, may we consider the amazing gift of family. Even if we have no immediate family present, or with whom to share a big meal on Thursday, we can join with our church family today for remembrance and gratitude for God’s bounty. We can reach across the aisle to embrace a brother or sister in Christ lifting our voices in praise to the One from whom comes “every good and perfect gift.”
Thank you for today’s contributions of peanut butter and for the ways in which you reach out all year long to serve those who are in need. Prayers, visits, phone calls, offerings, meals, and sometimes just a quiet listening ear can mean the world.
The ministers and staff at Central would like to collectively express our appreciation to each of those who love and support us throughout the year. It is a pleasure to work here. We hope you enjoy a blessed holiday weekend that is bathed in thankfulness and peace.