Dear Central Family,
This last week, we talked about the Temple that David was seeking to build in 1 Chronicles 29 as a house for God, and the offering that was required to get the materials that were needed for its construction. We talked about the Temple that we are and have been building at Central, which is not about the walls of the church, but the temple of the story we believe God is calling us to live, to be a church that is radically inclusive in its love and grace.
The good news that I have today is that our temple is being built with the offerings of Central’s people. Here is a summary:
We are building our temple by voting on our future. This past Sunday, we voted on several motions from the deacons and nominating committee. Each of them passed overwhelmingly. So congratulations and prayers are in order for Linda, who will start full time in January. Also congratulations and prayers are in order for those nominated to serve as Deacons, Trustees, Officers, and especially to those who will serve on the search committee for Minister of Music and Youth.
In addition, we are building the Temple with our monetary offering. Last week’s total was over $9,000, our 2nd week in a row at that amount. In order to afford the commitments we have made through our votes, we need to continue to give faithfully to the end of the year and beyond. Let’s keep up the good work!
Our Dawnings initiatives are another part of building that temple:
From the first initiative to be an even more welcoming and friendly congregation, several of those that we have asked to be pew pastors have agreed to take on that ministry. These are people who will look out for people who are sitting around them in worship, and keep up with them by checking on them when they miss a Sunday or two, and introducing themselves to new members. Also, we are working on folks who will add on to our follow-up process with new visitors.
From our second initiative to live more fully into our call to be on mission and exhibit our spiritual gifts, we had a great report from those who signed up to serve in our community. Yesterday morning, 7 people from Central served at the food bank at United Brethren in Christ, and over 400 boxes of food were filled that will help the people of our community. We are also in the process of forming a partnership with Campbell Middle School to help with volunteering needs that they have. Be on the lookout for ways you can plug in there.
And from our third initiative to continue to seek ways to build our ministry to the youth and children of our community, last Sunday we began an older children and youth handbell choir that will be helping to lead us in worship this advent season. Also, the search committee will be meeting for the first time hopefully this week, and bringing on a new person to help build on Phil’s work will be a key element to our ministry in this initiative. Please keep them in your prayers.
All of that to say, this is a time of great challenge, but also of great opportunity here at Central. Thank you to everyone who is doing their part to build the Temple of God at Central Baptist!