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Lifetree Cafe Supports “Baby Day” at Halifax Urban Ministries

by Andy Rawls

August 14 Was Baby Day At Halifax Urban Ministries! First Sylvia from the Lifetree Cafe donated diapers and at the end of the day a wonderful young lady about 3 yrs old named Audrey brought her dad along to bless us with 21 cases of baby formula, and she had many questions about “the babies”! […]

August 31 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

I was on my way to lunch the other day, and I turned on the radio, hoping to hear the sports talk radio I like to listen to. Instead, I caught the commercials. There were about 5 in a row, and they all contained a promise to make things easier. One of them had a […]

Kids “Promotion Sunday” – Pancakes, Bibles, Certificates & FUN!

by CentralBC

Sunday at Central began (8/24) with a pancake breakfast for ALL kids!  At the beginning of worship, 4 newly promoted kindergartners:  Alahna Thurman, Daniel Weidenmiller, Jordyn Queen, and Aiden Lauxman were awarded framed promotion certificates.  3 second graders:  Adeline Bethea, Zoe Ryan,  and Austyn Warren received a special children’s Bible and 8 newly promoted middle […]

August 24 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

Our church has some families that are going through difficult times right now: there are struggles in finding employment, struggles with acute grief, struggles in broken relationships, and others. Finding joy in difficult times is hard, probably because we have an understanding of the word that needs tweaking. When many people think of joy, they […]

August 17 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

I have been reading a book by Brian McLaren called “A New Kind of Christian.” At one point in the book, the two main characters, a pastor and a school teacher, get into an argument, and they both leave angry with one another. As they reconcile, the teacher writes the pastor a note with a […]

August 10 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes that you offered as my family and I headed for our family vacation. We have had a great time, and have gotten a much needed moment of relaxation. While we have been gone, swimming has taken precedence. I don’t think any of the kids have worn […]