Dear Central family,

I have been communicating with the task force created by the deacons to give us guidance about opening and closing with the coronavirus. They have recommended that we allow Sunday school classes and small groups to meet again. We ask that all classes remain masked to keep everyone safe, and that classes insure that they can be distanced. If that means that a class needs to meet an Adams hall, we need to be aware of that so that we can adjust to the scheduling and cleaning that needs to take place.

I want to remind everyone that we remain open for worship on Sunday mornings at 11 o’clock. Anyone who wishes to attend may do so, but as with Sunday school classes, we are asking people to be masked up and distanced. Steve is fumigating the sanctuary each Saturday with a plant-based chemical used by restaurants to kill any droplets of virus that might be in the air.

This Sunday, I will be presenting a more “in the trenches“ plan for how we can get busy living as a church when we begin emerging from the pandemic. I do hope that as many of you as feel comfortable will come to worship, but if you are not comfortable, I hope that you will watch us online so you can be up to speed.

I hope that you and your family are safe and well during this time. Please make us aware of any health concerns that you have so we can be active in our prayers for you.