Good Afternoon, Central family!

I wanted to start with some really good news and a thank you! I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that instead of the Angel Tree, we were going to raise money to go to the Chiles Academy, so that they could meet the needs of their students during Christmas time. Our goal was $500, but we raised nearly $1100 toward that goal! So I wanted to take a second and thank all of you for your generosity in helping out the Chiles Academy. It is very appreciated.

I next wanted to remind you that we are still having our annual Christmas Offering Goal. This year’s goal is $10,000. The money that we raise toward this goal will be used to help out the church as we catch up on finances due to the pandemic, but we will tithe 10% directly to CBF Missions, as always. Any money above $10,000 that we raise will go to help our church with local mission projects that we are working on. If you decide to give toward this offering, please designate it on your check or envelope, so we can make sure it it processed correctly.

I do hope that you will call ahead and tell us you are planning to be at one of our Christmas Eve services. The 4 o’clock service is nearly full, but the 6 o’clock still has room, so please call ahead. We do hope to see you soon!