November 9, 2020

To All:  Staff, congregants, volunteers, volunteer leaders and coordinators (church groups and outside groups.

In light of Becky Price’s fight with Covid 19 (the church’s book keeper who is on the prayer list for healing and recovery) we thought it prudent to send out this reminder.

The deacon appointed Covid Task force of Central Baptist would like to remind all that it is essential to follow the guidelines we agreed upon for the partial re-opening of the church and its various ministries.

Masks are required when in the buildings with other people or outside when social distancing is not possible and you are interacting with people.

We ask that you please take others into consideration when attending or preparing for functions, church related activities and outside groups (AA, NA, Alanon, scouts, etc.). This includes the wearing of a mask, temperature checks, hand sanitizing and cleaning the area after said activities.

We understand it is a personal choice but in these days we need to come together for the safety of all. If you see someone not wearing a mask, please ask them to put it on.

If you are not wearing a mask and are asked to put a mask on please do.

We are looking out for each other by wearing masks. If this is more than you are willing to do, please stay home. If you refuse, we will ask you to leave, not because we don’t want you at the church, but because these are the rules we have all agreed to follow.

It requires everyone following to get it right.

Thank You

Your Task Force