Hallelujah, He is Risen!
On this unique Easter Sunday, let us remember the Risen Christ who binds our global community together, even as we celebrate in our homes, on social media, via live stream or zoom conference. Together, we share the Good News more powerful than distance, knowing that Christ will, in his risen power, tear down the walls that separate us and join us to himself, to one another, and to the whole Church in community.
As we celebrate this Easter, we pray for you, our Fellowship family. May your day be blessed with the hope and comfort of our Risen Savior.
During Holy Week, we were invited to listen again to Jesus’ final words from the cross. Could it be that his final statements on that first Good Friday speak with new power in the midst of this very unusual Holy Week? How is Jesus speaking to us about the power of grace, the reality of a community that is stronger than touch, a family that reaches further than genetics? Is he teaching us how to pray in an unusual time? Is he showing us how to really trust?
You are invited to prayerfully hear Jesus’ “Words in the Dark” in this seven-part Holy Week video series with CBF Executive Coordinator Paul Baxley. You can find these videos on the CBF Facebook page or at www.cbf.net/holyweek.