From Pastor Sonny:
The Stewardship committee is requesting a church conference to be held January 13th following worship to vote on my housing allowance for 2019. In addition, the church council is calling for a separate motion to be considered at the same time. Explanations for the two motions are below.  We will have a church communication meeting this Sunday, January 6th following worship for those who have any questions about these motions.

The two items being discussed are:

  1. My housing allowance for 2019. This housing allowance is a part of my salary, which the church voted on. It is not an addition to my salary. The amount I am requesting is $26,100 for the year, which is based on my mortgage and insurance payments, utilities, pest control, and appliance and furniture expenditures, which amount to $2,175 per month. I am required to request this allowance each year. This motion will come from our stewardship committee.
  2. Allocating $5,000 for this year only for a communications consultant. The staff met with Jeanette Yates, the minister of communications at Hendrix Avenue Baptist Church back in December, and she was very articulate, astute and creative in speaking about developing a communications strategy that incorporates traditional modes of publicity (advertising events through newspaper, radio, etc.) and contemporary modes (Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.). She would like to consult with our already-in-place staff and volunteers to train us, and get us up to speed with our communications. She would come and offer us between 1-3 hours per week for consultation.  This allocation would not continue into next year without a vote from the church. The funding for this would come from the camp trust fund.

We will be able to present these two items this coming Sunday, and you can ask any questions that you feel will give you the most information for your vote at that time. I hope you have all had a great New Year! I will see you on Sunday, where we will celebrate Epiphany together.

Blessings,  Sonny