Dear Central Family,

Gwen sent an email with  a copy of the proposed budget from the Stewardship committee on Tuesday (a copy is below).  I want to thank all of the Stewardship Committee, and in particular, June Swartzfager, for preparing those documents. Much work went into making those documents available. As you can see, there is still a significant gap between what we anticipate receiving, and what it will take to operate our church in 2019. I want to invite you to be in church on Sunday to participate in the discussion we will have, as there are important questions for us to consider. During worship, specifically during the announcements, we will view an important video, prepared by Andy Rawls, that explains the church’s budget, and puts pictures with the items that are in our budget. I found it very helpful. We will make the video available online after the budget presentation and discussion, so people can view it and share.

Also, I wanted to let you know that the Stewardship Committee has set the goal for this year’s Christmas offering at $20,000. The first $500 will go toward helping the Manor residents with their annual Christmas Dinner. Following that, we will tithe a full 10% of the offering to CBF Global Mission Offering, helping field personnel around the world as they develop their ministries. After we reach our target goal, the money we receive will go toward ministry to Senior Adults. I hope we can give $5,000 toward this ministry!

I hope that I see you on Sunday, and if you have any questions, I hope that you will bring them with you. Blessings to you and your family!


Central Baptist Church Proposed Budget 2019