Dear Friends,
On Wednesday, Oct. 18th, at 2 p.m., we are planning a local mission activity…a visit to a nursing home to sing-along and do a craft activity with the residents who would like to participate.  This is an event for ALL AGES who would like to serve others.  This date and time were chosen because it is an “early release day” for school age kids and we believe their availability is more likely.  The early afternoon is generally a more convenient time to schedule this type of activity in nursing homes.
WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION if this is to be a successful outreach /service event.  All ages serving alongside each other while on the most recent mission trip to North Carolina doing this same type of activity was very meaningful to those who were able to travel.  This is the beginning of a mission event closer to home.
Children and youth who want to ride the church bus need a permission form/liability release (ATTACHED HERE) signed and returned before the 18th so we can be sure we have enough seating;  depending on how many children /youth who want to ride the bus, there may also be available seats for adults.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP THAT WE CAN COUNT ON YOU!  More details will be sent to those who respond by emailing me or calling.
Feel free to invite others to join us, as well.
I hope to hear from you SOON!  :-))
Rev. Linda Pigott
Assoc Pastor for Outreach/Discipleship
Central Baptist Church 
142 Fairview Ave
Daytona Beach, FL  32114
386-255-2588 (office)
386-341-8834 (mobile)

 Download/Print Permission Form