Click on the images to enlarge and right click to download. Photography and compositing by Ruth Bethea.

Projected Images from Children's Christmas 2017

Projected Images from Children’s Christmas 2017

img_3768 img_3769 img_3770 img_3806 img_3807 img_3808 img_3809 img_3831 img_3832 img_3833 img_3834 img_3835 img_3836 img_3837 img_3838 img_3839 img_3840 img_3841 img_3842 img_3843 img_3844 img_3849 img_3878 img_3879 img_3881 img_3882 img_3883 img_3884 img_3885 img_3886 img_3887 img_3888 img_3889 img_3890 img_3891 img_3892 img_3893 img_3925 img_3926 img_3927 img_3928 img_3929 img_3930 img_3931 img_3932 img_3933 img_3934 img_3935