The attached letter from Mr. Raser speaks for itself. (Click here to read letter from Gary Raser)


I am suggesting that we send a communication to the Church similar to what it is below and re-connect with Carl Vasile and get the camp listed while naming Mr. Raser as an interested party with whom we reserve the right to sell to should that opportunity return.

Marty may be able to add some color commentary as he received word from Gary first hand.

Please provide any thoughts with regard to the communication below so that can go out right away.

This has not been communicated very widely to this point as we are hopeful we can get the word out broadly in a consistent manner..

Thank you …


Dear Central Members:

Following the positive negotiations with Gary Raser to purchase the Church Camp property, the Buyer encountered challenges with regard to his intended use of the property. While he remains committed to supporting the church and helping veterans groups, he is unable to move forward with the purchase until he is able to secure approvals and partnerships with the appropriate organizations.

Therefore will be not be moving forward with the sale and we will continue to seek a qualified buyer.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support.