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God’s Love Is a Song

by CentralBC

Music is full of metaphors. The two “new” songs we are doing in service Sunday are no exception. Hurricanes, hearts, oceans, kisses, chasms, and open seas create images of love and grace. How He Loves by John Mark McMillan (made famous by David Crowder) is a mainstay in Contemporary Christian Music known around the world. It paints a […]

Memorial Service for Stan Rawls, Friday

by Andy Rawls

For those of you who are able to make it, there will be a memorial service for Stan Rawls at 4:00 on Friday the 29th at Central Baptist Church, 152 Fairview Ave. Daytona Beach. Then on Saturday the 30th a bunch of us will be heading out to our Church Camp to reminisce and have […]

Letters about the Camp Sale

by CentralBC

The attached letter from Mr. Raser speaks for itself. (Click here to read letter from Gary Raser) I am suggesting that we send a communication to the Church similar to what it is below and re-connect with Carl Vasile and get the camp listed while naming Mr. Raser as an interested party with whom we […]