Dear Central Family,

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. I certainly missed being away from you, but had some much needed time to relax and refresh with my family. As you know, we are heading toward our 60th Anniversary celebration on September 5th and 6th. You should be receiving invitations in the next week or so. Please make sure that the people you know who are or were connected to Central know about this event, as I think there will be something for everyone.

As we approach the Anniversary, I am going to focus on two aspects of church life as we get ready. First, for the next four weeks, I am going to focus on hospitality, and what that means for us at Central. And then I am going to focus on some attributes of church that are true of us historically, and are marks of healthy and vibrant churches.

I do hope that weaving your way through vacations and family visits, you are able to make Central a priority, in your prayers, in your attendance, and in your support as we get ready for a great Celebration.