Those who were present in worship last week heard the impromptu testimonies and comments from the team after viewing the slide show that Andy Rawls put together for us. As the team leader for most of the years we have made this trip, I can tell you that the experience is indefinable in terms of how God uses the time away from home to break and enlarge our hearts. Each time during the preparations and fund-raising I have intermittently been attacked by doubt and despair, especially when questioned about the resources expended away from our neighborhood. Then each time when we arrive and realize what a difference our efforts make in the lives of children and youth who MUST live in a place far darker and more impoverished than even the community surrounding our church, I KNOW that God is using us to share the light of Christ in that outpost established by CBF to serve and protect the disenfranchised. And even more, I know that God is changing ME and our TEAM as we work.

I am humbled at the outpouring of prayer and financial support offered by our church folks above and beyond the regular tithes and offerings! I am thrilled at how God places just the right people on the team! This year’s team size (11) was the smallest ever, but extremely efficient. No one complained about being over-worked. Although there were challenges in the South Florida heat, no one complained about giving up personal time to participate because God was shifting our priorities. We could see with our own eyes the impact our efforts were making. I was seeing with my own eyes and hearing with my own ears, folks who were trying to “outdo one another in doing good!”

If you missed last week’s testimonies, I encourage you to talk to someone on the team personally. And check the church website for more photos and articles. The stories you heard were just a sampling of the experiences each team member has to share. Your heart will be warmed, but hopefully you will also be inspired to participate in the next big thing Central will do in our own neighborhood! Ideas are coming forward each day…If you have an idea yourself (big or small), pray about it and share it with the church leadership. Many are likely sitting near you in worship each week who would gladly help you be a missionary in our own town. YOU and I are Christ’s ambassadors wherever we are!

Blessings and gratitude, Linda