Dear fellow servants at Central,

This last weekend your Search Committee, sent to find a Minister of Music, Youth and Families, brought a recent seminary graduate to the church for face to face interviews and other interactions. He was very complimentary about our church and its hospitality, and was very intrigued by our offer, but has come to believe that he is not called to be a music and worship leader. (Sometimes you have to try on a pair of shoes and walk around in them for a few minutes to see if they really fit.) He is a multi-talented young man with fine musical gifts, but with ultimate aims toward the Pastorate, so he will likely pursue a more traditional path toward that goal, and we wish him well. As a result, we will not hold a communication meeting or business meeting regarding his candidacy. Rest assured your Search Committee continues to work very hard on this, and had you seen their behind-the-scenes work over the last week, you would be very proud of how they serve and represent our church!

Peace and blessings,

Jim Shoopman, Search Committee chair