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Linda Gray Kelley Presented Women of the Gospel at Monthly CBS’ers Gathering

by Andy Rawls

On Thursday, May 28, Linda Gray Kelley presented excerpts from her one-woman monologue of Women of the Gospel, a program  Ms. Kelley says she feels called to share in an effort to help folks today begin to relate to these “real” women and their “real” parts in the Gospel Story of the New Testament. Mary, […]

May 31 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

Continuing with our series on balances that are achieved in our faith, today I want to reflect on the balance struck between personal and communal faith. On the surface, this might sound very similar to what I wrote about two weeks ago, the inward-outward parts of our faith. But that article focused on the missional […]

Message from Search Committee

by Andy Rawls

Dear fellow servants at Central, This last weekend your Search Committee, sent to find a Minister of Music, Youth and Families, brought a recent seminary graduate to the church for face to face interviews and other interactions. He was very complimentary about our church and its hospitality, and was very intrigued by our offer, but […]

May 24 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

We have been talking the last few weeks about the subject of balance in our faith. We talked last week about the balance between the inward and outward journey of our faith, and before that about the balance between “head” faith and “heart” faith, as well as the balance between predestination and free will. This […]

May 17 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

For the last couple of weeks we have talked about how our faith is a complex system of balances that we achieve. Two weeks ago, we talked about how we have to balance the “head” or knowledge part of our faith with the “heart” or experiential part of our faith. And last week, we talked […]