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March 1 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

When you look at our order of worship, it is broken into 3 important categories which describe an effective approach to worship. The first thing we do is we take some time to enter into worship. All of us come into the worship space with things on our mind: a conversation from Sunday School; a […]

Message from Sonny – 2 Funerals

by Andy Rawls

Dear Central Family, I want to make sure you are aware of the two memorial services that are coming up this weekend. First is the funeral for Linda Free, which will take place on Friday morning at 11am. Linda was a member of Central, and she is related to Louie Free, who helped to build […]

February 22 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

I was grateful the other week when one of the deacons reminded me that last year our focus was on engaging, the first part of our church’s vision statement: God calls Central Baptist to engage, encourage, and empower families and individuals to follow Christ. There were a lot of ways in which engagement took place […]

February 15 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

So I was getting Carson dressed on Thursday morning, the day we were heading for our ski trip. It was yet another day of scrounging around the house for clean cold weather clothes, something it feels like we have had to find more of than any other winter since our first here in Daytona Beach. […]

From Sonny: Church Conference Report, Lee Preaching Sunday

by Andy Rawls

Dear Central Family: I hope that your week is going well! I wanted to make sure you know about a couple of things that are coming up at Central. First, an update on the church conference last Sunday. Both votes passed, with the deacon motion to form the exploratory committee passing by a vote of […]

2015 Soup ‘R Chili Cook-Off Entries & Auction Items Needed

by CentralBC

There are applications forms available throughout the church and in the church office. If you would like to submit an entry, just put your favorite soup in a crock pot, along with a list of ingredients (so folks with allergies can know) to be a contestant. First and second place prizes will be awarded in […]

February 8 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

In our Wednesday Bible study, we have been looking at the book of Exodus. As we have studied, I have been surprised by how often the subject of Sabbath comes up in the book, and how seriously God takes it. It comes up first in the provision of manna in the wilderness. The people are […]