This last Wednesday night, we studied a portion of Exodus where it talked about how Aaron and his sons were to be consecrated as priests, and how they were to enter into the tabernacle.

The description of the process they were to undergo was incredibly detailed, with descriptions of how they were to dress, and how they were to be cleaned, how the animals were to be sacrificed, and so on.

We asked a question that is worth asking of us today as we prepare for worship this morning: “How do we approach the sanctuary of God?” The root word of sanctified (which means, “made holy”) is the same that is in the word sanctuary (a place of holiness).

Do we make our way to the sanctuary with the approach that God is up to something, that God has words to speak to us, that God’s Spirit wants to move in us? And if we do expect something from God, have we prepared ourselves (our spirits, our minds, our attitudes) for that something to take place?

Or do we approach the sanctuary just to hear a sermon, or just out of habit? There is no preparation needed for that approach, but we are missing out on the potential that every worship service affords us, the opportunity to be blessed, sanctified people.

So today, prepare yourself for holy things to take place, and open your eyes and ears.

Blessings, Sonny