Dear Central Family,

Below is the motion coming from the deacons regarding the formation of the exploratory committee that Marty read about last Sunday. Below it, please read the note from the Church Council, asking that the affirmation of the work of the Dawnings Team be added to the ballot for the February 8th church conference. We will discuss the deacons’ motion and the affirmation of the Dawnings findings at Sunday’s communication meeting. I hope to see you there!




Motion from the Deacons:

The deacons move that the exploratory committee – formed to look at options and recommendations regarding the relationship between our campus and our financial challenges – be given authority to explore all options that address these issues, with the understanding that the results of their work will be reported to the deacons and appropriate committees, and regular reports will be made regarding their progress. No action regarding their recommendation will be taken before a vote by the church.

From the Church Council:

At the beginning of the school year last year, you might remember that I preached a series of sermons intended to communicate to you the findings of the Dawnings Process that was undertaken last summer. We felt that the Holy Spirit was leading to an overarching narrative over the next few years of inclusiveness. Our roots as a church come from being a congregation of people who reached out to those in the community that did not feel welcome anywhere else, and the Dawnings Team felt that this core value needed to guide us and be something that we live into as a church over the next few years. We defined inclusion to be that anyone, regardless of gender, race, age, or sexual orientation should be welcomed at Central and allowed to develop and express their God-given gifts in the life of the church. Within that narrative, we sense the Spirit leading us to 3 initiatives. To remind you of those initiatives, here they are:

1.A commitment to be a warm and welcoming congregation.

2.A desire to make sure that everyone is using their Spiritual gifts for building the Kingdom through mission work.

3.Commit ourselves to embracing young adults and families.

Both the deacons and the Church Council have re-visited these initiatives in past weeks, and we realized that the church never had a chance to affirm these initiatives, although some work has taken place in all three initiatives. Attached in this email you will find a more detailed look at each of them. The Church Council is asking that the church affirm these initiatives at the called church conference for February 8th as a means to remind ourselves of the Spirit’s leading, as well as to hold ourselves accountable to accomplish the work outlined in the report.

We will discuss this as a part of the communication meeting on Sunday.




We have prayed for divine insight to positively move forward in loving service to all others. We want to be, in three years, a radical inclusive growing congregation, committed to each other and committed in the community where God has placed us.

To do this, we have three initiatives:
1. (a) We need to be more tolerant, loving and caring for each other.
(b) We need to build our sense of fellowship and community within the church.
(c) We need to be more welcoming and friendly to visitors.

To accomplish this we have three initiatives:

(a) In addition to the Shepherding Ministry, we can use pew pastors who could
Endeavor to try to be aware of members needs as well as care for visitors.
(b) Form a Visitation Team to work with the staff, to follow up with notes, phone calls,
cookies and/or bread delivery for visitors and include an invitation to ministry. This
could be done for new members with extra encouragement for Sunday school,
and Wednesday night attendance and ministry participation.
(c) For Wednesday night suppers, it would help to have a host or hostess and two
vacant chairs at each table for guest and visitors.

2. We need to identify and nourish our spiritual gifts to connect to specific ministries and
and places of service here in this community.
To accomplish this:
(a) Personal testimonies of ministry involvement.
(b) Have a major mission opportunity each quarter. Some of these need to be local.
(c) Utilize the Publicity Team – Outreach through publicity.
(d) Technology – for tithes offerings; for building community.

3. Children and Families – All we do as a church should reflect our love of children, youth
and families.

To accomplish this:
(a) Sponsor a local family.
(b) Sponsor a child in need.
(c) Start a Thrift Store.
(d) New Minister of Music/Worship Leader is needed.

The goal of these initiatives is for the Church to be Christ’s presence in this community. If this does not produce a vibrant and growing community of faith in two or three years, then we recommend finding another location.