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November 23 – Sonny’s Sermon “Christ The King In Us”

by Sonny Gallman

Scripture Passage: Matthew 25:31-46 “Christ The King In Us” One morning about four weeks ago, Melissa asked me to help Isabel, who was running behind to get to school, by getting down her backpack. I walked over to the coat rack, which also doubles as a back pack rack for our family, and saw her […]

Thank You From Central Baptist Staff

by Gwen Bills

Thanksgiving week is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our blessings and how God gives us grace in spite of our human tendency toward ingratitude, fear and mistrust. As we gather for worship today, and as we gather for special dinners and reunions, may we consider the amazing gift of family. Even if we have […]

November 16 Sonny’s Sayings

by Gwen Bills

I always knew that God had a sense of humor, but today it reaches a new level. The last Spiritual gift on Paul’s list in Galatians 5 is self-control. In some of our recent events, both from over the summer and more recently, I would imagine that people in our church would love to take […]

A Message from Sonny

by Andy Rawls

Dear Central Family, This last week, we talked about the Temple that David was seeking to build in 1 Chronicles 29 as a house for God, and the offering that was required to get the materials that were needed for its construction. We talked about the Temple that we are and have been building at […]

November 9 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

There are only two more spiritual gifts on our inventory from Galatians 5: gentleness and self-control. Likely, we all have ideas of gentleness that come from past experiences. At a fundamental level, we might have a memory of a parent’s loving touch that was offered to us when we were a child. Maybe it is […]