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Volunteers Needed!!!

by CentralBC

During Steve Lauxman’s absence due to injury, the church will be utilizing a janitorial service along with volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Ken Bryant (386-451-1023) Buildings and Grounds. Prayers to Steve for a speedy recovery.

November 2 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

The next Spiritual gift on the list in Galatians 5 is faithfulness. As we have walked through the gifts listed in that chapter, we have reminded ourselves that Spiritual gifts are not natural talents or character attributes. Those are God-given, to be sure, but are a permanent part of our tool belt, which we can […]

October 26 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

The next Spiritual gift that we are to talk about is generosity. Like all of the other Spiritual gifts, generosity is a key ingredient in building God’s Kingdom. Think what the Kingdom of God would look like without love, joy, peace, patience or kindness, and something would be missing. The same thing is true of […]

October 19 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

As we move on in our discussion of the Spiritual gifts, we look this week at kindness. A thesaurus will give a number of synonyms for the adjective “kind,” such as nice, friendly, hospitable, thoughtful, pleasant, and so on. But the noun version of “kind” implies a similarity in class or grouping: “That’s not the […]

Big Church Get-Together Meal & Talent Show November 2

by Andy Rawls

On November 2 we are having a big church get together! 1. It will be a free lunch in Adams Hall with Bar B Q ,baked beans, cole slaw, drinks, and desert. There will also be hamburgers and hot dogs for those that don’t like Bar B Q. 2. A fun Talent Show, and Central […]

October 12 Sonny’s Sayings

by Sonny Gallman

We have spent the last several weeks studying the Spiritual gifts that Paul lists in Galatians 5. We have talked about love, joy, and peace, and we have reminded ourselves that these should not be badges we wear with pride, but instead they are gifts we humbly receive to point others to Jesus. We have […]