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June 29 Sonny’s Sayings

by Gwen Bills

In The Spiritual Life, John Westerhoff and John Eusden write: “Our primary orientation cannot be an institution or some great cause or even other people, but first and forever to God. Unless our identity is hid in God we will never know who we are or what we are to do.” How true those words […]

June 22 Testimony By Jim Page

by Gwen Bills

My Experience With Suffering When asked to share with you my experience with suffering, my first response was, “I think you are asking the wrong person because I don’t think of myself as one who has suffered.” There are many members of this church who have experienced more illnesses or emotional suffering than I have. […]

Sonny’s Sayings June 22

by Gwen Bills

As Baptists, one of things we should have some confession time around is the fact that we are pretty non-committal and indifferent when it comes to the Holy Spirit. We are people of the Word, so long as the Word pertains to God the Father and Creator, or Jesus, God’s son and our Savior. We […]

June 15 Sonny’s Sayings

by Gwen Bills

We are going to be spending time together this summer working on learning to love one another better than we have been as a church. You will hear more of a report soon about the work of the Dawnings team that is working on visioning and next steps as a church, but let it suffice […]

Sonny’s Sayings, June 8

by Gwen Bills

As I was walking back to my office today, I noticed that there was a light on in room 4. I immediately started to wonder who was having a meeting today. But as I passed, I saw the beautiful quilt that we have been putting together since our family retreat in January, out at the […]